Hazelhead Park


Members should note that this site is a public field and will be in use by members of the public or other small local events organised by Hazelhead Park. Flying should only be carried out when it is safe to do so. It is the individual pilot’s responsibility to ensure that they fly responsibly, safely and that the aircraft, radio equipment and batteries are fit for flying on every occasion. Click on the picture for bigger pitcure ans Site Rules



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Site Rules

Normal SAA rules apply plus

No overflying cars

Only 2 models flying at any one time.


Members MUST abide by all rules if we are to keep the flying site. The main and undisputable rules being if the HJS helicopter appears we land no matter what. We have agreed no fly zones to assist with horizontal separation, and if the wind direction is such that the HJS helicopter needs to overfly the model flying area to make its approach it will circle first until we land.


Traditional helis are allowed to be flown however multicopters (drones) are not due to their autonomous nature.


IC planes, gliders larger than 3m and large models are not permitted

Brimmond Hill

Located to the north of Aberdeen and west of Bucksburn near the airport, a north westerly wind will find members soaring here. Click on pic for more


Brimmond Hill Safety Rules.

Cairn O' Mount

In the middle of nowhere near Laurenckirk a southerly wind will attract flyers to the hillside. Just at the edge of the heather in the picture the slope descends sharply.


Safety - We are all used to the mix of Tornados, Jaguars, and even the odd Hercules tanking through the area, and generally they are no problems. Over the last 2 years Chinooks have appeared and they are a problem, because they come through at between 10 and 50ft. They generally approach from the south and you can hear them a good 5 mins before anything happens, appearing from behind the cafe at the bottom of the hill and flown directly over the car park. This has happened on two occasions, with 2 and 3 ship formations, covering a wide area and all at 20ft off the deck. The advice would be, if you hear a noise that sounds like the start of “MASH”, then land as soon as possible and don’t fly again until they have gone, because they might zap in from behind. It is scary stuff.


Bay of Nigg

This site is located along the Old Coast Road from Torry to Cove just along from the waste treatment plant, no more than 100 yards along the public footpath. Parking is on the verge of the road. A large field to the rear offers a generous and safe landing area. Sweep round in a clockwise circuit and landing is a relatively straightforward allowing for a bit of rotor.


Safety - Don't fall off the edge of the cliff, avoid landing on the road which is a long way back and even better keep off the railway line which is even further back.

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Suie Hill, near Alford

Works in a north east wind. Good lift, very
easy access and a nice soft heather landing area.  There's even a couple of benches to sit on whilst you're flying. Click on pic for more info


Safety - Mind the road!

Milhockie Hill, near Alford

Works in a west, south west and easterly wind with good lift.


Safety - You need to report to the farm office or house on arrival.  The farmer, Mr Mackenzie, has given the club permission to fly off of the hill.